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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a promo code?


A promo code is an alphanumeric phrase used during checkout to receive an online digital discount (or other benefit) on the purchase of e-commerce goods or services. It is used interchangeably with terms like coupon code, discount code, voucher code and sometimes is simply referred to as an online digital coupon. You can find promo codes for over 5,000 brands and learn more about couponing to maximize your savings by utilizing the educational resources on CouponFollow website.

How can I get a discount or promo code every time I shop?


Remembering to search for a coupon isn't always easy and can be time consuming. We suggest you bookmark, or if you're using a desktop device with Chrome or Edge you can install the Cently coupon browser extension which automatically applies promo codes whenever you checkout. On average in 2021, Cently users have saved about $20 bucks on their purchase whenever a discount is found.

Do promo codes work?


Yes, but many only last for a very short period of time. Often retailers run promo code campaigns to incentivize shoppers and many use common coupon phrases throughout the year. In fact, data from our automatic coupon browser extension, Cently, finds that between 40% to 45% of the time a user receives a discount. This correlates with between every 2 to 3 shopping journeys a consumer has.

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